AmpenanNews. Celebration of the 71st anniversary of the 2019 Infantry Soldier which was centered at Kodim 1614 / Dompu by carrying out a walk that was divided into several stages.

The platoon squad (Tonting) Yudha Wastu Pramuka Jaya was immediately released by the Korem 162 / WB Commander Colonel Czi Ahmad Rizal Ramdhani, S. Sos. SH. M.Han., Accompanied by Dompu Regent Drs. H. Bambang M. Yasin and Dandim Korem 162 / WB, Danyonif 742 / SWY in Kandai Dua Field, Woja District, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Thursday (12/19).

The release of the Platoon of Yudha Wasthu Pramuka Jaya in the final stage was also witnessed by a surveillance team from the Indonesian Army Headquarters Colonel Inf Piek Budyakto.

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At the final stage location, Yudha Wastu Pramuka Jaya’s platoon branch was enlivened by the Kompik Dompu Regency and Gendang Beleq from Manggelewa, while along the road and at the finish site ie the Beringin Field in the Dompu Regent Hall, it was seen that the Dompu community enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of Yudha Wastu Pramuka Jaya Troops.

Danrem 162 / WB said that the platoon activity (Tonting) is a tradition that is carried out every year as the day of the birth of the foremost army known as the Queen of the Battle, of course, facing challenges that are as complex as Professionalism by task guidance.

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According to him, the implementation of Tonting Yudha Wastu Pramuka Jaya and the 71st Infantry Anniversary ceremony centered in Dompu Regency was the first time. “This can give enthusiasm to the people of Dompu and this is also a form of synergy between the Regional Government and the TNI,” Danrem said.

Also, Danrem also gave appreciation to Dompu Regent Drs. H. Bambang M. Yasin, who provided support and walked along to enliven Infantry Day like an Army Soldier. Thank you also to the media colleagues who always helped in the publication of the activities of the Korem 162 / WB unit.

On the same occasion, the Regent of Dompu said that anything that interferes with regional resilience must be faced together, but for the moment there is no war, and our war is to build Indonesia towards a better direction.

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The Beranting Platoon participants consisted of Army troops, Polri, Brimob, Satpol PP, Community Components, Student Youth and Scout members. Anr.

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